Your Home’s Foundation Starts With Us

Every beam placed with care. Every nail driven with purpose. Every piece of molding milled to perfection. The VanSirius builders team create custom homes that no other builder is capable of. A home is something that should be a reflection of your personality. If it isn’t unique, if it doesn’t have the right feel, you’ll never call it “home.” If you’re not finding the home of your dreams, it’s time to build one. You need a custom home contractor that will take the time to understand who you are, what you want in a home, and has the dedication to create something truly unique. VanSirius is a name you can trust for finding builder that builds quality, excellence, and sophistication. As a luxury homes contractor, we are proud to serve our clients step-by-step from the land acquisition to design conception, to the final build, finishing touches, and beyond. From refined classic opulence through to cutting-edge contemporary, our craftsmen creat stunning homes that number among the most exclusive addresses in the area. Our clients demand perfection, and we deliver accordingly. We work with leading architects and designers, faithfully interpreting their creative visions down to the last detail, to deliver a service that is without equal. Assignments include luxury construction projects in premium communities that set the international standard in high-end residential excellence.


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