VanSirius Real Estate is a premier source for your real estate needs. Whether you are looking for a beachfront mansion, penthouse, residential lot, development land, prime commercial property or any investment to secure your future, we will have what you are looking for when it comes to prime properties in the Los Cabos area or anywhere on the southern tip of Baja. Our company relies on it´s proficiency, intimate knowledge of the area, and ability to think “outside of the box” to allow our clients achieve the results they are looking for, especially in today’s market dynamics. The Founder and Broker of the company – Valentino Sartev knows how to create opportunities that many agents would not consider possible. Because he understands that purchasing real estate is the most significant investment that a person can make, he always strives to get the best possible price for his clients. Mr. Sartev takes a consultative approach, meaning he does not simply send an email of available inventory off the MLS and expect his clients to decipher what they are looking at. Rather, his philosophy is a more collaborative and educational approach. This means he is committed to guiding his clients on the trends of the marketplace, ensuring that they have access to all available inventory, and directing them through the inspection and escrow process. Valentino and his team are prepared to give you a competitive advantage in this market thanks to their ability to structure deals creatively, and customize our services according to your needs.


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