Flight From Los Cabos To London Once A Week In 2020

It will be for the year of 2020 when it is expected to be opened an air route from Baja California Sur to the European continent, in this case, from Los Cabos to London, which will be flying once a week, this was announced by the head of the Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability in the State (Setues), Genaro Ruíz Hernández.

“We are talking about having the flight from Los Cabos  to London ready in 2020, we’re talking with the Twin airline right now, and we’re certain that it’s a process not as dynamic as we would like, but both Europe and Central and South America have been a priority for us. ”

The passenger capacity will be 150, as reported by the state official, and will be flying once a week. This could help open the European market towards Baja California Sur.

On the other hand, Ruíz Hernández recalled that on Tuesday, March the 3th, he opened a new national route, which will connect two cities of Baja California Sur with Jalisco, flying from  Los Cabos and Loreto to Guadalajara.

“This undoubtedly encourages us to continue working with the tourism sector of Loreto to be able to connect; this helps us in the national air connectivity to have a flight from Guadalajara, and also, use Los Cabos as a hub of passage from Los Cabos to Loreto and that will help the Magic Town […] They are 2 days a week, Tuesday and Saturday, with an Embraer 145 team, which is 50 passengers, “he concluded.


Credits: BCS News/ Photos: Internet

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