Meet-Mart Los Cabos – First Flea Market Of The Film Industry

From 9 to 13 November, will be held the newly created Los Cabos Meet-Mart, a film and television market focused on bringing together the best talents in the region at the festival, unveiled its organizer Alonso Aguilar Castillo, in interview for Forbes Mexico.

“This is something that has been in my head and team since the first edition of the festival. The  market propose that is Los Cabos Meet-Mart is based essentially on concentrating the whole industry delegation in one space. We are delighted and will fulfill the promise of proximity, to approach the neighbors, an intention that we have  since the first edition, “he said.

Unlike other years where several projects made presentations to industry specialists, the new market will allow a better approach and ensure meetings with executives from Netflix, Amazon, Participant Media, Weinstein Company, Sony, Universal and several more; “Decision makers already said ‘yes, we are going to this market,'” he said.

Los Cabos Meet-Mart will accept projects designed for television or cinema, stage script, synopsis or production, cites the same source. “In previous years we had had a very motley delegation, including some film funds, producers and filmmakers (…) The bet for 2016 is focused on the sale of cinema. It is the delegation of buyers and sellers becomes much more robust and that creates very different dynamic. The market is concentrated in Los Cabos present new content, “said Aguilar Castillo.

The festival expects the attendance of 200 delegates from the industry; participants will have an opportunity to request appointments and have an agenda of meetings within the headquarters (Hotel ME), taking advantage of networking that seeks to use in your favor the natural beauty of Los Cabos and its capacity as a resort.

In its first edition, Los Cabos Meet-Mart will be by invitation only in order to limit the number of attendees and avoid the massive crowds generated in other international markets, such as the American Film Market or those given in the Industrial wing of the Toronto International Film Festival; another of the intentions of the new market is to generate solid figures on the amount of financial agreements held inside.

Original Source: Formes Mexico/ Fotos: Internet

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