The Whales arrived a month earlier this year

A month before the dates on which usually begin the first sightings of whales in waters off coast of Los Cabos, people have begun to report their presence , which has been described as an atypical event.

“It’s not normal, this is very early in the schedule of arrivals of the whales to these waters. Remember all these impacts of climate change impacts could be that I do not know. In previous seasons, whale, middle or third week of November was given; register now started in the third week of October, that is one month ahead compared to 2014, “said Joshua Navarro Maria Sanchez, head of the protected natural area of ​​Cabo San Lucas.

On at least two occasions, providers of nautical and tourist services of the bay of Cabo San Lucas, reported the presence of humpback species passing through Los Cabos.

“We received some press VHF marine band radio has been whale watching in the bay of Cabo San Lucas; all in the Pacific heading toward the Gulf of California mainly” he said.

Officially, the season for whales begins on December 15, so before this date, but already see these mammals in the area.

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