Los Cabos is Closing The Year With 190 Cruise Ships. For 2016 Are Scheduled 216

The port of Cabo San Lucas, which forms the Pacific shipping route for cruise ships, will close 2015 with 190 arrivals and over 300,000 visitors.
“We closed excellently with good numbers, even exceeding expectations. In total we will receive 190 cruise ships to December 31;  boats to stay at Christmas in the bay, and  will start 2016 with great expectations and growth and booming nautical tourism, because for the first time in many years, we will have to exceed the limit of 200 ships; 216 have reservations for next year, “said Hector Cota Montaño, Manager API Cabo San Lucas.
The official also announced the visit of four ships in a single day by the end of next year: “We have a quadruple arrival in October, “he said.
The record in the history of the port of Cabo San Lucas dating from 2008 with 418 arrivals and 818.716 cruise passengers arrived at destination by sea, which meant good numbers, he said.
“It is of great importance, economic and social, this corroborates that Los Cabos is fully prepared to receive tourists from all sides, in this case by the nautical road, we are not prepared only for one ship, but to receive, 3 , 4 or 5 vessels simultaneously; will close the year with more triple and double arrivals, we are in peak season, “he said.
This week the port of Cabo San Lucas had a triple arrival, with the visit of 7,600 visitors simultaneously, at the marina.

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