African King Mswati III Chooses Los Cabos To Vacation With His 14 Wives

The Mexican beaches are a true paradise and it is enough to say that they are worthy of any royalty, so much so that King Eswatini Mswati III, arrived yesterday at the San José del Cabo International Airport, aboard the official aircraft of his kingdom, (an Airbus A340-313X) accompanied by its 14 wives and 70 people between servants and bodyguards.

Mswati III is 51 years old, and is enjoying a few days off in the south of the South California peninsula, it is estimated that he will stay in Los Cabos all weekend, and will continue his journey in the region, also will visit the famous Arch, the icon of the destination, through one of the local luxury yacht charters. Mswati III is a monarch of Swaziland, today known as the Kingdom of Esuatini, which is the only African nation governed by decrees.

The monarch’s aircraft is parked on the platform of the Los Cabos International Airport, where a discreet safety circle  was established for the landing of the king and his companions. The first reports published by newspapers such as El heraldo de México y Milenio, indicated that the African monarch took a walk through the golden zone of Cabo San Lucas, with armed escorts.

Despite the presence of the king, the city council of Los Cabos has not issued any information about it, nor has it confirmed whether it has any agenda with the King..

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