Australian Tourism in Los Cabos is Picking Up – 10,000 Arrived So Far in 2015

So far in 2015, Los Cabos has received at least 10,000 Australian tourists,  one of Mexico`s most influential tourist destinations  for the tourism sector nationwide, was  announced by the Tourism Trust of Los Cabos.

The number could be higher than this,  Australians visitors  who arrive at the destination by domestic air links are not counting,  as the amount recorded shows on travelers who enter national territory from the United States.

“Once they land in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Tijuana, or any national destination where we have air connectivity, they no longer count on the part of migration, however we took on the task of  measuring all these tourist flows with systems of market intelligence information controlled by the Mexican  Migration Institute and the Tourism Board of Mexico and based on that we do our plannings, “said one of the officials.

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