Baja California Sur Is A National Leader In Economic Growth

Los Cabos,Baja California Sur (BCS).The entity was the one that registered the highest increase in the last sexennium, according to the INEGI
“Baja California Sur is consolidated as a prosperous land with great opportunities for development and well-being,” said Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability (SETUES), Luis Humberto Araiza López, after reporting that the entity once again positioned itself as a leader of national economic growth, according to data from the Quarterly Indicator of the State Economic Activity (ITAEE), of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI).

The official said that BCS was one of the states that maintained a sustained dynamic of an annual rate of 6.1 percent, between 2013 and the first quarter of 2018, period corresponding to the administration of Enrique Peña Nieto, derived from strong Foreign Direct Investment (IED) that the tourism industry has received.

Proof of this, he said, is the continuous increase in the construction of hotel complexes, which has translated into a 17.3 percent in the last six years, noting that currently just over 4,800 new hotel rooms are being built, which he said, will allow to continue increasing the economic benefit by hosting more visitors.

He also noted that the labor dynamism presented by the entity, has contributed to obtain these satisfactory results, as he said, many commercial activities are carried out, materials and products are exported, as well as negotiations with international companies, actions that are reflected in thousands of jobs and better conditions and quality of life for citizens.

“Our land presents a firm and sustained financial boost thanks to the important economic spillover generated by tourism. Today Baja California Sur is a national benchmark in this matter, so we will continue to promote and strengthen this activity, to ensure a good present but above all a better future for the Baja Californians, “concluded Luis Araiza.

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