Baja California Sur Is Emerging As One Of The 20 Best Destinations To Visit In 2020

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). Forbes magazine presented its list of the 20 best tourist destinations to visit in 2020, of which 2 are in Mexico and one of them is located in Baja California Sur; International travel is the trend, with an increase of 40% compared to the previous year.

Cabo San Lucas was the first Mexican destination contemplated, which is in position number 14, which is recommended for its “stunning views of the ocean and golf.”
Some of the outstanding activities are fishing or sailing in the ocean, eating in restaurants and even enjoying the sunsets that Los Cabos offers, according to Ovation Travel Group’s travel advisor, Cindy Salik.
The second Mexican destination to appear was San Miguel de Allende, whose luxury accommodations are a good option for travelers; making an invitation to go to the handicraft market and the Aurora Factory, an old mill that has galleries and restaurants.

Finally, the ranking is headed by Lake Powell, Utah; followed by Sicily, Italy; Cape Town, South Africa; Patagonia, Argentina and Kigali, Rwanda.

Credits: Forbes/ Photo: Internet

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