BCS Sets the Example in Sustainable Real Estate Developments

For quite some time, Baja California Sur has been recognized as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Standing out for the impressive natural landscapes, its beautiful beaches, a relaxed lifestyle and a high level of security. Therefore, it is not surprising that during and after the pandemic, with the new home office job option, BCS was one of the most requested destinations.

Although citizens obtain great labor benefits, and with them economic benefits, there is always a concern for the preservation of the environment. Due to this, many private investment funds evolve and improve many aspects when carrying out increasingly sustainable real estate projects.

It may interest you: Private initiative promotes sustainable and orderly growth of BCS through real estate developments. Let’s start from some important elements such as complying with the social aspect by knowing the needs of the region, with which they can be incorporated into the project, to immediately improve and have durability of the improvements in the environment. An ecologically sustainable project is another aspect to take into account, with which it is intended to promote and collaborate, but above all the implementation of green technology that allows guaranteeing the adequate use of natural resources.

All this without causing a negative impact on the environment and that can provide an improvement to nearby communities. It might seem like a futuristic fantasy, however there are currently several real estate developments that are interested in implementing or already developing sustainable aspects.

An example of this is the construction of a hotel that will help improve the image of the La Paz boardwalk, in addition to promoting, with the collaboration of the state and municipal governments, as one of the most pleasant and excellent tourist destinations in the country.
The project has so far created more than 500 direct and indirect jobs. The remodeling entails a spa, gym and pool without being limited to exclusively guests, that is, the general public will be able to enter.

In addition, with the installation of a desalination plant, it will be possible to obtain water suitable for supplying the hotel, without harming the supply of the area and thus avoiding a possible water crisis.

Therefore, sustainable real estate developments have begun to have a greater increase and support in recent years. In spite of them, it is necessary to verify what type of private investment fund company is involved.
Few have high quality standards, security both in investments and in projects. That guarantee real sustainable development.

Credits: SoloOpiniones/ Photos: The Internet

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