Los Cabos Hosting The First World Sailing Championship in Mexico

First to be held in Mexico, the World Sailing Championship will be held at Los Cabos 2017; 9 teams participate, waiting approximately 20 to 40.000 visitors, reports the City of Los Cabos through a press release.

The event is derived from the meeting between officials of the municipal government and organizers from OC Sport in Mexico, who said that Los Cabos is the only destination that interests them at national level, as it represents a point of reference worldwide for its beaches, international events and especially their safety.

Victor Carbajal Ayala, director of Economic Development, Tourism, Rural Development and Fisheries of Los Cabos, welcomed Christopher González Aller, head of Oc Sport in Mexico, and Emiliy Caroe, director of Promotion of the event worldwide, who claimed that this destination is recognized in sports and high level tourism area.

Also, with the presence of the director of Municipal Tourism, Karina Corral Raygoza, Carbajal Ayala said the Sailing Championship to be held in Cabo San Lucas, bring together thousands of families of iconic international cities, hoping to be successful with the intention of doing on annual basis.

The details of this first championship unveiled the González Aller, stating that this activity was carried out in countries around the world, most notably England, Germany, Portugal, Spain, China, Dubai, Australia and Brazil; He pointed out that a high-level sport associated with the technology that brings value to the area and leave a strong economic benefit to international visitors who will stay in Los Cabos.

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