Los Cabos – The Best Place In Latin America And The Caribbean To Practice Golf

The Secretariat of Tourism in Baja California Sur announced that the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) was able to name the Municipality of Los Cabos as the best place to practice golf in 2016, in with regard to the Caribbean and Latin America.

According to the federal agency, during a celebration in the International Market of Golf Trips, held in Palma, Spain, was awarded the award of recognition to the tourist destination of Los Cabos, high-lighting that it has the 11 best Golf courses in Mexico and an extraordinary geographical location; According to the Golf Digest’s Planet Golf report.

This report said that Los Cabos has natural landscapes and very particular characteristics, compared to two resorts designated as one of the 10 best in the world, so being a natural and tourist attraction, this year have achieved about 180,000 rounds Of golf, leaving important spills in the municipality, reason why it is hoped that with this recognition, the players and passionate golfers, can visit this Mexico destination .

Credit: BCS News/ Photo: VanSirius Real Estate ( The Oasis Short Course)

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