Mega Yacht “VAVA II” Docks In Cabo

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS). The manager of the Integral Port Administration (API) of Cabo San Lucas, Héctor Montaño Cota, informed that our tourist destination, will receive the visit of a mega luxury yacht this week, which is valued at least 115 million euros.

The yacht, named ” Vava II”, built in 2012 and valued at 115 million euros (approximately 140 million US dollars) is owned by Swiss magnate Ernesto Bertarelli; is approximately 100 meters long and will be docked at the Cabo san Lucas marina for five days.

“In fact, this month of October is scheduled to begin the greater presence of cruise ships in the port of Cabo San Lucas, and in this same frame of high season start, with the presence of a megayacht of great luxury in the marina docked, enjoying of the beauties and good with the privacy and the discretion that the passengers demand to arrive at this destination, enjoying, peacefully and calmly. We will be aware of the support we give through La Marina where this boat is docked, “he said.

The privately owned pleasure boat was built in England by the Davenport Yachts shipyard and is headed to the United States after crossing the Panama Canal a few days ago and sailing through Mexican seas.

The “Vava II”, reaches an average speed of 19 knots, has capacity for fifty passengers and thirty crew members.

“The most notable thing we want to point out is that Cabo San Lucas is being preferred for this type of luxury craft that sail the different seas of the world, that is very gratifying because we are not only the second port at national level and the first one of the Pacific in the presence of cruise ships, but now the presence of luxury yachts. Every time more spaces are opened at the Marina; the piers have been adapted to the need and docking of these ships. We will also have it in the Marina Fundadores and in Marina del Rey and in Cabo Marina, are enough spaces to accommodate this type of boats of a hundred meters in length. ”

Credit: BCS News and Cabo Mil radio/ Photo: Internet

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