Numbers On The Rise Registers The Tourist Sector Of Los Cabos

“Baja California Sur has positioned itself as one of the main tourist destinations nationally and internationally and this is reflected in the growth of airway passenger flow indicators at the International Airports of La Paz, Loreto and Los Cabos, as well as in the arrival of cruise ships, and of course in the percentage of hotel occupancy, “said the secretary of the branch, Luis Genaro Ruíz Hernández.

The official reported that, in the period from January to September 2017, there was a percentage increase in passengers by air, in the case of Los Cabos was 17.3, receiving little more than one million 851 thousand passengers; also, in the International Airport of Loreto was of the 17.2, when arriving little more than 27 thousand passengers.

Likewise, he indicated that there was an increase in the hotel occupancy rate, noting that Los Cabos registered 71 percent, La Paz obtained a 63, while Loreto benefited with 60 percent.

In the theme of the arrival of cruise ships, during that same period, 161 vessels were received compared to the 132 that visited in 2016, which resulted in the visit of 322 thousand cruise passengers.

Based on these positive results, the Tourism Minister pointed out that, in order to maintain this growth momentum, the generation of skilled labor and training in services will continue, as well as the diversification of promotion strategies in world markets through coordinated efforts with the three levels of government and private initiative

Credits: CP Los Cabos/ Photos: Internet

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