Over 100 Competitors From Around The World Attending The ‘Lord Of Wind 2016’ In Los Barriles

From January the 12th until 17th  in Los Barriles, municipality of La Paz, is held the international competition of kitesurfing “Lord Of The Wind 2016”, which it is expected to reach record participation of more than 100 competitors from different countries such as England, France, Holland, Denmark, Brazil, Argentina, USA, Canada and South Africa; The event will be broadcast in over 90 countries across 20 TV channels with a range of over 250 million viewers, which strengthens the promotion of tourism and Baja California Sur.

Luis Genaro Ruiz Hernandez, BCS Secretary of Tourism reported that this event will have the support and participation of the Ministry of Tourism, through the State Tourism Trust and The Municipal Trusts Los Cabos  and La Paz.

For the first time in the history, he said, this competition will be part of the world tour organized by the International Association of Kitesurfing; This time Los Barriles will host the North American Championship 2016 mode Kite Foil and will be the first time when the hosting  location  is outside the United States, and added that the competition will be supervised both by the Mexican Sailing Federation and the Mexican Association of Kitesurf.

The different modes in which it will compete are Racing Circuit Racing Slalom, Freestyle (Freestyle), Big Air (Highest Jumps) and Boarder Cross, which is a new form of steeplechase; as part of the events, there will be open competition of Stand Up Paddle Board; the pool to distribute this year between professional categories is $ 22,000 Dlls.

Credits: News BCS

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