Salma Hayek’s Enchanting Vacation in Baja California Sur

The picturesque landscapes of Baja California Sur recently played host to the renowned Mexican actress, Salma Hayek. Known globally for her iconic roles in Hollywood, Salma chose the serene backdrop of Baja California Sur for a relaxing getaway.

From Todos Santos to Los Cabos

Salma’s vacation commenced in the magical town of Todos Santos. However, it wasn’t long before the allure of Los Cabos beckoned. Accompanied by her family, Salma was spotted soaking in the sun and the scenic beauty of Los Cabos. Candid photographs captured her aboard a luxurious yacht, enjoying quality time with her husband, the eminent businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, their children, and close friends. The actress, ever-graceful, sported a striking blue bikini, becoming an instant focal point for the paparazzi.

A Taste of Home

Embracing her roots and the rich culinary heritage of Mexico, Salma shared a delightful moment on her Instagram. The photograph, which garnered over 147,000 likes in just eight hours, showcased her savoring some authentic tacos. The exact location of the picture remains a mystery, but speculations hint at South California.

Earlier, on August 13, Salma was seen in Todos Santos, specifically at the Oystera restaurant, relishing the local cuisine. The duration of her stay in Baja California Sur remains undisclosed, but fans were thrilled to catch a glimpse of the actress in such a relaxed setting.

A Busy Year for Salma

While her vacation offers a much-needed break, 2023 has been a bustling year for the actress. Salma’s involvement in the film project “I want your life” was confirmed earlier this year. This Mexican production is eagerly anticipated by fans. Additionally, she is set to present a Christmas-themed film at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada.

With inputs from Daily Mail/ Photos: The Internet

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