Swedish Soccer Scorer Zlatan Ibrahimović in La Paz, Boasted Its Fishing To Millions Of Followers

La Paz, Baja California Sur (BCS). This weekend was the visit of the acclaimed Los Angeles Galaxy soccer player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who took advantage of his stay in Baja California Sur to do sport fishing, capturing a marlin; It is presumed to be in the city of La Paz.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has excelled in several important clubs in Europe such as Juventus in Italy, in Milan and even in Barcelona in Spain, in addition to having an exceptional participation in the selection of his home country.
Throughout 20 years of experience, the Swede has won 11 league titles in total and 17 national cup trophies, his time with the PSG being the most fruitful. Ibrahimovic is the historical scorer of the Swedish national team with 62 goals, scoring more than 500 goals throughout his career.
In a few days, the athlete received more than a million likes on instagram, as well as hundreds of messages from his fans, who highlighted the activity carried out by Zlatan.
Days ago, the player was furious when sharing a recording where he commented: “Spain, guess what, I’m back”, however, it was an advertising campaign. For now, the player still does not define his future for the beginning of 2020, as he ended his contract with the MLS and the Galaxy after signing 53 goals in 58 games.
Finally, a source revealed  that the 38-year-old Swede was visiting the capital of Baja California Sur, an experience he shared with his followers on social networks, where he already exceeds 34 million, just on instagram.
Credits: BCS News/ Photos: Internet
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