Team “Chinito Bonito” wins historic award at Bisbee’s Tournament 2018

Los Cabos, BCS: So far the biggest prize of the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament sport fishing tournament was in 2006 when a millionaire bag of more than three million nine hundred thousand dollars were delivered, and yesterday the team “Chinito Bonito” winner of the 2018 Tournament, also surpassed the three million dollars, becoming the second team in history to surpass the impressive figure, this was announced by Clicerio Mercado, Coordinator of the Bisbee’s tournaments in Mexico.

The American team Chinito Bonito, captured last Friday, that is to say on the third and last day of fishing a black marlin of 510 pounds, after a second day in zeros for the 114 participating teams.

The interviewee Clicerio Mercado added that the second and third place took a bag of a little less than half a million dollars, so this Saturday night will be holding the awards dinner with the numbers already mentioned.

The total amount that will be delivered tonight is four million tirthy eight thousand dollars, which already have an owner, said the interviewee.

Finally, he reminded that for the year of 2020, 40 years of the Tournament will be celebrated, so from now on they will begin to plan a great celebration.

Credits: Contrapesoloscabos/ Photos: Internet

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