The Residences at Solaz – A Luxury Collection

Mexico has positioned itself among the favorite vacation destinations in the world, its wide diversity offers visitors different unique and special experiences.

Among the different destinations that Mexico offers, undoubtedly the beach destinations are the most popular among visitors and of all these destinations there is one that stands out in the preference of visitors … Los Cabos with its unique combination of the semi-desert landscape with its  ocher colors and the intense blues of the Sea of ​​Cortez and here precisely was chosen to develop a new concept that houses the union between incredible landscapes, surprising architecture and unique art..Solaz Los Cabos. A development in front of the majestic Sea of ​​Cortez on an extension of 9.8 hectares that enclose unique topographic formations that harmonize perfectly with architecture integrating into one concept, “nature and architecture”.

The selection of materials, vegetation and construction methods, and being carefully studied by experts in luxury developments, reinforce this concept of symbiosis, giving a contextual congruence with this paradisiacal terrain.

The services offered by this magnificent development Solaz Los Cabos extend beyond the most demanding expectations of national and international guests and visitors. being a project that integrates a hotel, luxury apartments, first-class restaurants and bars, a Spa with modern facilities, a gym, unique amenities and activities, open areas and squares, among many other attractions that make it a comprehensive project of great value.

Another aspect to highlight within this comprehensive concept is the artistic intervention within the many spaces designed by local artists that evoke and recall the life and culture of Baja California in antiquity.  This artistic vision complements every constructed detail;  in the micro in the spaces within the rooms and in the macro it is enjoyed in the squares and open spaces of the project, without a doubt a touch of distinction of good taste throughout the development.

The presence of Solaz Los Cabos, stands out for the contemporary Mexican architecture that is intertwined with the art and the semi-desert landscapes of Baja California that invite future projects to take it as a reference in the conceptual integration of nature with architecture.

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