Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge Los Cabos 2017

This weekend, will be held for the first time the “Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge Los Cabos 2017” event featuring professional surfers of national and international level, which will take place on the beach in front of the Cape, Thompson Hotel.

In that sense, the Municipal Director of Tourism, Karina Corral Raygoza, commented that the event is part of a surfing exhibition that will be made prior to the event next year; Action that will seek to improve the tourist promotion and economic of the destination.

“This year they will be demonstrating their talent, professional surfers of national and international size such as: Rob Machado, Demien Hobgood, Diego Cadena among others, the local surfing community is very happy for the momentum to this extreme sport.”

He also reported that a socially responsible event company conducted an underwater cleaning on La Hacienda beach, working in conjunction with the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone (Zofemat) and Environmental Education.

It should be added that a donation of 20,000 pesos in cash will also be directly contributed to the Integral Family Development (DIF), as well as a support of 10,000 pesos in food.

For its part, the municipal administration of Civil Protection will provide the pertinent advice for the care of the physical integrity of each of the participants, as well as the attending public; Also the participation of 4 elements and an ambulance in the course of the event is foreseen.

Finally, Corral Raygoza assured that the event will be turned into a new tradition for the tourist destination, remembering that “Ultimate WaterMan’s Challenge Los Cabos” was born a year ago with an athlete of the discipline coming from the United States.

Likewise, an attentive invitation was extended to the general population, reiterating that the event will have no cost, which will present various activities on the beach monument in front of the hotel of The Cape.

Credit: BCS News/ Photos: Internet

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